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World Happiness Report - EDA & clustering with Julia

The purpose of this post is to show Julia as a language for data analysis and Machine Learning. Sadly Kaggle does not support Julia Kernels (hopefully, they will add it in the future). Therefore I wanted to take advantage of this space to show a reimplementation of Python/R Notebooks to Julia. In this context, I took data on happiness in countries in 2021 and some factors considered in this exciting survey.


Why have I decided to open a blog?

Introduction The purpose of starting this blog is to create a space where I can write about topics that interest me related to technology, the world of quantitative methods for decision making, programming, among others. But why create a blog, if there are so many spaces out there that are more convenient than building one? The truth is, I wanted to have a more independent space and not too comfortable on third parties (nor benefit them), although there are spaces like Twitter (which seems to be in greater decline every day) or Medium, I simply thought that the best thing I could do is to have a personal space, and given that the dream of owning a house seems to be increasingly distant for my generation, well at least I can settle for having a blog, right?

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